The project "Identification, assessment and recognition of informally acquired competences", short IBAK, is completed. This project site is still open to anyone interested, although it will be no longer updated.

The identification, assessment and recognition of informally acquired skills - for us these are still hot items. Get an updated overview on methods and instruments in our IBAK database on our homepage or news from our BMBF project "KomBiA“. We look forward to your visit.

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IBAK Website am 22.04.2018

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Virtual toolbox

In this database ("Virtual Toolbox") you can find methods of identification, assessment and recognition of informally acquired competences. This database is the result of a continuously research process also including the professionals in the field of LLL and the developers. The descriptions are short and concise. For more information you can use the given links.

If you have made experiences with one of the procedures, instruments or methods don't hesitate to inform us. The "Virtual Toolbox" is a living product and depends on the experience of the users. Please contact us in the case of missing method or if she points for corrections have. Thank you very much.

Latest tools and methods

Validierung von Bildungsleistungen


geva-test® System Studium & Beruf


geva-test System® Ausbildung & Beruf


geva-test® System Integration & Beruf


geva-test System® Ausbildung & Beruf

Name of the assessment geva-test System® Ausbildung & Beruf
Target groups Schüler ab Klasse 8 und junge Erwachsene mit erreichter/angestrebtem Haupt- oder Realschulabschluss
Description Ganzheitliche, psychologisch fundierte Analyse und Prüfung der Leistungsfähigkeit in studien- und ausbildungsrelevanten Bereichen incl. einer aufschlussreichen Rückmeldung durch Vergleich mit der entsprechenden Altersgruppe
Target in einer 20 seitigen Auswertung zeigt der Test berufliche Interessen, Schlüsselqualifikationen und bevorzugte Arbeitsfelder auf und gibt 14 konkrete Vorschläge passender Ausbildungsberufe.
Time need  The required time refers to the participant.
How much time must be included into the realisation plan by the participant
2 Stunden 45 Minuten mit Pause(n)
Licencing geva-institut
Expenses The direct costs comprise the amount
per participant which an organisation should include into the realisation plan
Provider geva-institut – geva Gesellschaft für Verhaltensanalyse und Evaluation mbH
Developer geva-institut – geva Gesellschaft für Verhaltensanalyse und Evaluation mbH
Further information
Available languages
Validation  This procedure allows for a relevant career skills, no matter how they were acquired, to let recognise by her documentation.
With it I can receive a professional certificate / diploma, adequately to a professional education certificate.

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