The project "Identification, assessment and recognition of informally acquired competences", short IBAK, is completed. This project site is still open to anyone interested, although it will be no longer updated.

The identification, assessment and recognition of informally acquired skills - for us these are still hot items. Get an updated overview on methods and instruments in our IBAK database on our homepage or news from our BMBF project "KomBiA“. We look forward to your visit.

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IBAK Website am 26.10.2020

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Ein "guter Einstieg" und "interessantes Überblickswerk"

Eine weitere Rezension des Buches „Wissen, was ich kann“ durch Prof. Dr. Andrea Helmer-Denzel.... more

The IBAK project is completed, but the educational challenge remains

After two years of intensive work, the project IBAK ends on 30th November 2010.... more


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